Scrum “Tree”

  1. The tree in the picture shows Scrum’s relationship to the agile manifesto.The principles behind the agile manifesto support agile values just like the roots of a tree support its trunk. In order to be agile, we need to put the values and principles into practice. Just as water and nutrients are important for the growth of a tree, agile principles and practices are important for teams to grow and become better.Scrum framework is founded on empiricism and promotes Team culture which is in alignment with the agile manifesto. The three pillars of empiricism are a strong support system to nurture continued growth just as a tree trunk supports the tree’s growth.

    Additionally, just as the tree trunk provides support to the branches, leaves, and fruit, the five values of Scrum (consistent with the agile values) will help Scrum teams reach their full potential.

    To grow to full potential, the branches need to spread, so leaves can fully absorb sun-light and convert it into energy. Scrum framework has roles, events, artifacts and necessary rules which are depicted as the branches and leaves. These are needed for the team to create a potentially releasable product increment.

    A healthy tree provides a safe home for birds and other creatures. Similarly, a safe working environment for Scrum teams will allow them to be empowered and work freely which will ultimately result in teams being happy, creative and innovative.

    Plant a tree, water it and nurture it!

    Form a Scrum Team, empower them, protect them and let them realize their full potential!