T-Shaped Skills: A self-assessment of a Scrum Team

One of the major organizational design change implied by implementing Scrum is the elimination of single-function groups. Traditionally, in a matrix organization structure, the single functional groups like PM, BA

Scrum “Tree”

The tree in the picture shows Scrum’s relationship to the agile manifesto.The principles behind the agile manifesto support agile values just like the roots of a tree support its trunk.

The Product Owner Role

The Product Owner is a key member of the Scrum Team who has the authority to make the necessary decisions to achieve the ROI on the Product. Product Owner collaborates

Sprint Backlog

Sprint backlog is a forecast of the functionality that will be built by the Development Team. It is one of the artifacts of the Scrum framework and is a real-time

Product Backlog Refinement

In my previous blogpost, I talked about the Product Backlog, it’s attributes and what constitutes a good product backlog.  As I discussed, it is progressively elaborated, never complete and is

The Product Backlog

Product backlog is an ordered and emerging list of everything that may be needed for the Product. Product backlog is one of the three artifacts of the Scrum frame-work. Product