The Product Owner Role

  1. The Product Owner is a key member of the Scrum Team who has the authority to make the necessary decisions to achieve the ROI on the Product. Product Owner collaborates with stakeholders in the organization and collaborates with the Scrum Team and ensures success of the Product. This is a person that is well respected in the community and is knowledgeable about the product, knows about the market and competition and has good domain knowledge/solid understanding of the product.The Product Owner creates and shares the Product Vision with the Team. Several responsibilities for the Product Owner are
    • Creates and shares the Product Vision with the team
    • Creates and maintains the Product Backlog
    • Orders, prioritizes the Product Backlog
    • Collaborates with the Scrum Team and Stakeholders
    • Participates in Sprint Events
    • Drives Product success
    • Represents the business
    • Optimizes the work of the Development Team

    Agile Principle # 4 Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project. So, it is important to the Product Owner to be available for the Development Team.

    and Agile Principle # 6 The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation. So, the Product Owner works collaboratively with the Development Team and stakeholders.

    Is it better to have a single person as a PO?

    The Product Owner decides What needs to be built and the Development Team decides on How to build the Product. Product Owner is a single person and not a committee or a group. The reason for this is, having a single person as a Product Owner:

    • Eliminates competing business priorities
    • Helps to create a common goal
    • Facilitates decision-making

    If there is a committee or a group of individuals working as the Product Owner, there is a good possibility of no one person guiding the group and may have conflicting interests and politics.

    In summary, the Product Owner’s success depends on their authority to make decisions on the product, availability to be actively engaged with the Scrum Team and are empowered to make decisions. Good Product Owners are excellent collaborators and communicators.