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We impart Knowledge

Limitless Agility strives to ensure every attendee gains a tacit knowledge of the learning content delivered. Since our trainer is a practitioner of agile, he brings in real-life experiences from his own journey in agile by providing relevant examples and real-life scenarios. Our interactive training courses and workshops build a foundational understanding helping you lead your own journey in agile.
Our trainer has over two decades of teaching experience at Penn State University, teaching agile, scrum, project management, and technology courses. He also has extensive training experience in the corporate world.
He turns learning from “informational to transformational” and actively contributes to a passionate community of change agents around the world. Our trainer brings a unique viewpoint and story, causing a ripple effect of Scrum and agile education and growth across the globe.


Amp up your Agile learning

Amp up your Agile learning

About Limitless Agility

Welcome to the Learning Center

Limitless Agility is a company solely focused on, and extremely passionate about, teaching how to build great teams that generate value! We are a world-class, globally acclaimed training organization and our goal is to help individuals, teams and organizations benefit from Scrum. We built our company with a genuine intent to impart knowledge to help you keep up with the ever-changing world of work.
We assist professionals to develop an agile mind-set and find new ways of working so you are prepared to solve complex problems. We help individuals bridge their present skill gap by helping you reskill, upskill and advance in your career.
Get ready to take the next step in your career. Explore our agile and scrum framework courses and programs. Find actionable tips, advice and, guidance to progress in your profession exponentially.


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Virtual, Online Courses

Our virtual, online training is the most convenient approach to improve your skills and prepare for a promising future. Sign up for free and browse the many courses available to get started on your journey to a more lucrative job. We are here to assist you until you achieve your goals.

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    Sharing some of the reviews…

    Phenomenal Instructor

    Raj was a phenomenal instructor! He made the material extremely easy to understand and grasp with the use of many visual…

    Zeerak Ali Siddiqui


    Thank you Raj Kasturi, CST®

    I am happy and excited that I have completed the Scrum Master Certification course and I am now a certified scrum …

    Alexei Cojocaru


    Excellent Trainer

    Excellent training by Raj , he truly knows his stuff and was able to answer all the questions the class had with regards…

    Joshua Rego

    They Trusted us

    Our Happy Clients

    By consulting and coaching for our clients’ unique business needs, and taking a hands-on approach to agile transformation, we have enabled them to accelerate their journey towards agile maturity.
    We have been training several individuals and teams so they can apply their knowledge to their agile implementation.


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