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Phenomenal Instructor

Raj was a phenomenal instructor! He made the material extremely easy to understand and grasp with the use of many visual aids and engaging discussions. 5/5 Recommend!

Zeerak Ali Siddiqui


Mar 13, 2022

Mr RAJ was a good and wonderful tutor

Mr RAJ was a good and wonderful tutor, who brought in humor during his teachings to keep the class lively and tension free.He made sure that every student in his class was carried along and understood the course outlines very well.His class was quite interactive, as he gave opportunities for everybody to contribute and ask questions, which he provided answers to as well.My favorite part of his class is his PICASSO ARTWORK of the scrum course, which made it much easier to understand the scrum framework.I highly recommend him.



Mar 1, 2022

This was the best decision I made to…

This was the best decision I made to take the CSM course. Raj did a fantastic job and the course material was organized in way that maximized our time with him. I loved the breakout sessions and the Q&A sessions he incorporated into the training.

Calandra Davis


Feb 27, 2022

The instructor Raj was very informative…

The instructor Raj was very informative and knowledgeable. You can see his decade + years of experience with scrum. Highly recommend!

Ashley Gonzalez


Feb 20, 2022

Amazing CSM Training from an Amazing trainer Raj Kasturi

I had a great learning experience with Raj Kasturi, CST. His knowledge and experience were quite visible in his training. Course instructions were so engaging and interactive. Those breakout sessions and knowledge check quiz really helped me a lot to understand the SCRUM framework. I liked the way he simplified “If you are not following Scrum routine you are not doing Scrum” OR If you are not following routines, its not agile but its fragile”. The training is focused on how to Practice the SCRUM and uphold the Scrum values. Thank you Raj Kasturi for a pleasant learning experience.

Mehul Shah


Feb 14, 2022

Thank you Raj Kasturi, CST®

I am happy and excited that I have completed the Scrum Master Certification course and I am now a certified scrum master. With more organizations managing projects in a more Agile fashion these days I would be happy to apply my knowledge and skills to help them out. Thank you Raj Kasturi, CST® for an outstanding delivery of the course and making it an inclusive and interacting training experience.

Alexei Cojocaru


Feb 14, 2022

Raj Kasturi Instructor

Raj Kasturi is undoubtedly one of the best professional development instructors. He was very knowledgeable and engaging throughout the entire session. He was able to answer all the questions that came up during the sessions very effectively and were encouraging.



Feb 11, 2022

Excellent Course

Raj was an excellent instructor and made the course interesting!

Vanessa Omeike


Jan 16, 2022

Raj was excellent at keeping everyone…

Raj was excellent at keeping everyone on track & facilitated well – not easy to do over zoom for 15hrs. We’ll done.

Victoria Jolley


Jan 6, 2022

Raj Kasturi was instructor for CSM…

Raj Kasturi was instructor for CSM course, excellent at presenting material, well designed. I have 12+ years software industry experience with Agile, learned quite a lot, how to do scrum properly. Highly recommend.

Navindra Persaud


Dec 31, 2021

Raj was excellent and down to earth!

Raj was excellent and down to earth!

Ivyie Rice


Dec 26, 2021

Excellent Trainer

Excellent training by Raj , he truly knows his stuff and was able to answer all the questions the class had with regards to adoption of the scrum framework in day to day development

Joshua Rego


Nov 8, 2021



It was great learning Scrum the right way. Can’t wait to implement it at my workplace.

Very interesting sessions with Raj Kasturi. He is one of the best lecturers – very clear and interactive sessions.

Cynthia Caruana


Nov 5, 2021

Certified scrum master

Raj Kasturi was an excellent instructor. He taught us relevant subject matter adherent to the topics on the test. I felt prepared after the course and gave the test 2 days after the initial course. He was engaging, professional, resourceful, respectful, and kind to everyone. 100% recommend this course with Raj.



Oct 7, 2021

CSM Certification training review

The experience of attending this workshop was truly enriching and engaging. I enjoyed every minute of it although I attended the evening classes after a full work day – the days were really long and I should have been tired. But Raj Kasturi, the trainer, kept the classes lively and fun with lots of break out sessions and engaging discussions. It was a great way to learn and imbibe the principles of Scrum. I would recommend this course and this trainer to anyone interested in getting a really good understanding of Scrum fundamentals.
The course design and materials was also geared towards making the actual CSM test feel like a breeze. I had to do no extra studying and ended up scoring 98% on the first attempt.

Sushma Korde


Sep 30, 2021